CEO Greetings
CEO Greetings

Welcome to SENSORTOPIA Co., Ltd.

A sensor is a device having the function of detecting, discriminating and measuring various physical quantities (temperature, pressure, humidity, magnetism, vibration, acceleration).



In addition, the advanced sensor industry is categorized as a core industry area that will lead information, medicine, education services, and energy as well as bringing new growth opportunities beyond the limits of existing industries by converging technologies in various industries. Based on our optical sensor technology, we have started development of RAIN SENSOR for automobiles, and we are planning to expand our development area with RAIN SENSOR, FUSION SENSOR, and industrial sensor.

We expect that our efforts to cope with changes in the surrounding environment will be enough to play a leading role not only in our development but also in the domestic industry and global sensor technology. Thank you very much for your continued growth and guidance.

Once again welcome your visit.

CEO of Sensor Topia Co., Ltd.   Han Sea Yeoun